About Apex…

Apex Residential Services specializes in testing and inspection.  We offer Home Inspections for buyers as well as pre listing inspections for sellers, asbestos bulk surveys/sampling, and a wide variety of energy related services.

Having spent nearly 20 years as a Construction Manager focusing on residential housing remodeling/rehab, I decided it was time to move forward in a new direction.  Spending years working not only with general contractors, but often as a general contractor, contracting certainly could have been a logical career choice, but I wanted to do something a little different. There are a lot of great contractors out there already, so I would rather use my experience to offer a different perspective by providing services that are not as widely offered to homeowners and even some services geared toward contractors.

In 2018, it was time to offer these services on my own.  Our focus is on home inspection, project consulting, asbestos testing, and energy auditing.    Check out our Services page for a full description, then give us a call at Apex Residential Services, LLC and let us show you how your home (and your wallet) can benefit from having an experienced project manager work for you!

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