Make Sure You Have an Energy-Efficient Home

Make Sure You Have an Energy-Efficient Home

Do you always seem to have high energy bills? If you've tried every method to lower them with no luck, connect with Apex Residential Services, LLC. We offer energy audits in all of central New York, New Hartford & Utica, NY.

Once our team has identified weak areas, you can fix them to make your entire home more energy-efficient. If you're a first responder or military member, you can even get a discount on our home energy audit services. Contact us today to learn more.

What type of energy audit should you get?

We offer several different types of energy audit services to make sure you get the information you need. When you work with our team, you can choose between:

  • ACH50 tests — ACH 50 (air changes/hour@50 pascals) is a required test for new construction in order to receive a certificate of occupancy. Give us a call to see if your new dream home meets today's energy standards.
  • Air leakage tests — Inspect doors, windows, baseboards, dryer vents and more for air leaks, so you can properly seal your home.
  • Thermal energy tests — Check to see if your entire home is properly insulated.

Not sure which home energy audit is right for you? Discuss your situation with our team right away.